@BMeiselas: If there were a simple wristband you could wear let everyone know you’ve been vaccinated and to identify that others around you are vaccinated would you be interested?

Brett Meiselas (@busybid) / Twitter

@SteveMartinToGo: My unretouched photo from last evening. Clearly an award winner, but I’m not sure what to wear to the ceremony. Something dignified, or something that says, “it’s the new Steve?”

Jason Nichols (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@David_Leavitt: Notice how Republicans have gone from “The virus is a hoax” to “China created it on purpose”.So why the fuck are you still refusing to wear a mask and get vaccinated?#Wuhan

Lindy Li (@busybid) / Twitter

@novelidea14: Covid does not discriminate. It doesn’t care what your political persuasion is 🦠🦠Everyday for millions of people, catching it is like sitting on a knifes edge. It could go either way. So please, please wear a damn mask 😷

Ally Oop (@busybid) / Twitter