@karrilevens: The men who are sending me private messages on Twitter trying to hit on me, I have no interest in any of you. If you want to discuss Progressive Politics or Jesus publicly, I’m all for it! I’m 100% married and 100% committed to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I will not commit sin.

Karri Levens (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@karrilevens: Spread the love on Twitter with positive and kindness everywhere. Grow your circle of kind hearted people who support each other. Hope you all have a beautiful day and God bless! ✌

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@karrilevens: I found that after time being on Twitter that I want to follow good people, that have good hearts, care about others and like making jokes. So if I follow you, you are in one of these categories and will enjoy reading what you have to say.

Karri Levens (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@karrilevens: There is just to much hate & insults on Twitter. People can be so mean & cruel. I don’t want to be apart of the hate. I need a break from Twitter. Celebrities are even mean, its like no one has a filter. Just say what ever you want & who cares if you hurt people. Just mean people

Karri Levens (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@DanRather: Someone who follows you on Twitter so they can troll you is the definition of someone who really needs to get a life. Peace to all. And to all a good night.

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