@tribelaw: Republicans make up just 25% of the voting population. This means Trump’s real support is only (.75 X 25%). In other words 18.75 % of the population. So Republicans need Trump worship to get through their primaries, but they need voter suppression and fraud to defeat Democrats.

Laurence Tribe (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@BillKristol: Feels like the showdown between the Republicans on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the Republicans in the Arizona State Senate could be an important moment in discrediting the Trumpist election fraud claim among those Republicans open to evidence and argument.

Strictly (@busybid) / Twitter

@VelshiMSNBC: Raise wages and then you no longer HAVE a labor shortage. “Republicans are trying to starve people back to work” by ending emergency unemployment benefits in at least 16 states, says @SenSanders. “I say pay people a living wage, and they WILL work.” #velshi

Velshi on MSNBC (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@David_Leavitt: Notice how Republicans have gone from “The virus is a hoax” to “China created it on purpose”.So why the fuck are you still refusing to wear a mask and get vaccinated?#Wuhan

Lindy Li (@busybid) / Twitter

@pareene: There’s a lot of competition but Republicans creating a right to run over protesters is one of the most alarming trends in American politics right now

‘Weird Alex’ Pareene (@busybid) / Twitter