@karrilevens: It was much simpler times, however I find technology & automation facinating. As technology continues to progress it will make our lives easier. I’ve already noticed a huge advancement in web development, so with that said I would stay, actually prefer to go into the future.

Karri Levens (@busybid) / Twitter

@karrilevens: No one was born bad, we were taught bad by others who influenced our lives as we grew up. I’m no perfect person and I have flaws and regrets, but bad can be overcome by good. Jesus said to him, “I will come and heal him.” – Matthew 8:7 – Karri Levens #KarriLevens

Karri Levens (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@MikeLevin: Across the country, we #WearOrange today and throughout the weekend to honor the lives of those taken and forever changed by gun violence, and to demand that the United States Senate finally take up the gun violence prevention legislation we sent them.

Mike Levin (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter