@NWSPhoenix: With serious heat coming in a few days, it’s always a good idea to think about how your plans might be affected and how you can adjust your activities. Lower deserts jump to 110 or above starting Sunday. Record highs may be broken starting Tuesday. #heatsafety #azwx #cawx

Nikolett Buttoned (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@c_a_nicholas: I found the idea of #UBI exciting when I first heard about it but I became skeptical when I met opposition. Yet extensive analysis by @scottsantens on UBI (including its appeal from conservative to progressive viewpoints) + the fallacy of anti-UBI arguments won me over for good.

C.A. Nicholas (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@AbhijeetMonet: The number of times CERB has trended throughout the pandemic just shows how popular a program it was & also shows how popular a more extensive GLI/UBI would be! It couldn’t be more obvious – basic income is an idea whose time has come! #UBI #GLI #BasicIncome #OnPoli @ubi_works

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