@ZachandMattShow: For a movement that built itself on Medicare-for-All, it is quite interesting to see the Bernie Bros so reluctant to support Andrew. He’s the only candidate besides Dianne to back the NY Health Act, which is NY’s version of M4A. Makes you wonder what these people really believe.

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@yuhline: Our social services, education system, health care system, public housing, transportation system…all have been underfunded for decades. We need to change that.

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@MikeLevin: “Just as democracies led the world in the darkness of World War II, democracies will lead the world out of this pandemic. And America will lead those democracies as they work to bring greater health and hope to the world in the months to come.” -@JoeBiden

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@BrianaWhitney: A growing number of Americans are skipping their 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine.Many have missed it due to bad health reactions from the 1st dose, but a doctor says if more & more people keep skipping the 2nd shot it could lead to problems later this year

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@RepJayapal: Immediately lowering the eligibility age for Medicare would provide urgent relief and security for millions of people throughout America who are struggling to afford health care — or putting off needed care altogether.

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