@YaronFishman: People working at jobs they hate, to prevent themselves from being homeless, is not freedom. That’s why I’m in favor of a generous Universal Basic Income that would give everyone the freedom to do what’s truly meaningful to them.

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@karrilevens: There is just to much hate & insults on Twitter. People can be so mean & cruel. I don’t want to be apart of the hate. I need a break from Twitter. Celebrities are even mean, its like no one has a filter. Just say what ever you want & who cares if you hurt people. Just mean people

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@wonderofscience: Earth looks like an alien world from the International Space Station with a massive sandstorm and towering cumulonimbus clouds covering the Sahara Desert.Credit: NASA Johnson

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@SteveMartinToGo: My unretouched photo from last evening. Clearly an award winner, but I’m not sure what to wear to the ceremony. Something dignified, or something that says, “it’s the new Steve?”

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@David_Leavitt: Notice how Republicans have gone from “The virus is a hoax” to “China created it on purpose”.So why the fuck are you still refusing to wear a mask and get vaccinated?#Wuhan

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@StrictlyChristo: Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and TwitterNew data from social media measurement firms Zignal Labs and CrowdTangle shows just how drastic the drop in conversation about Trump has been.

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@JavierSotoTV: New to Arizona🌵🌞? We welcome you to Arizona’s Family 🤗 Join us every morning from 430am-10am #GMAZ #AZFamily @ Channel 3 AZ Family

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@novelidea14: The rest of the world puts their hand up to help the #IndiaCovid19 effort. And we lock our own ppl out. Our citizens have been trying to get home from India for months. Now is the critical time to help them. NOT to leave them to die. Fucking UNBELIEVABLE!!! #ScottyDoesNothing

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@revwendy3: The poise with which @AndrewYang continues his mayoral run in the face of cruel, withering, coordinated attacks against him is a lesson to his detractors in humility and Grace under fire. They could learn a thing or two from him, if they were interested.

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