@cerretanews: Would you vote for me, please? I’m nominated for PHOENIX magazine 2021 BOV Readers Choice: TV Anchor I’d appreciate your vote! You can find me under the “People” category.

American Jewish Committee (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@StrictlyChristo: What I find hilarious is that millions were donated to the Derick Chauvin defense fund by the “Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association” so that he could have the best possible legal team, and the mf was still found guilty on all counts in ten hours of jury deliberation.😝

Asha Rangappa (@busybid) / Twitter

@karrilevens: Just in the past 7 days I’ve had all these attacks on my website BusyBid. So fun to watch! 😁 I find it interesting that Serbia doesn’t like me. My family is from Yugoslavia and I’m Croatian. Lol

G A (@busybid) / Twitter