Wagner’s 62068 Finches Supreme Blend, 5-Pound Bag

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Wagner’s 62068 Finches Supreme Blend, 5-Pound Bag

Wagner's 62068 Finches Supreme Blend, 5-Pound Bag

  • A great mix to attract your favorite Finches including the goldfinch
  • Contains six desirable ingredients that is loaded with nyjer seed
  • Use in Finch feeder or sock feeder
  • Convenient reclosable slider
  • Made in the USA

Wagner’s Finches Supreme is a special blend of food Finches love. No one is better qualified to bring the warbling song and vivid plumage of Finches, Chickadees and Pine Siskins to your backyard than Wagner’s. We have carefully selected all the smaller seeds that these birds love. Favorites include white and red millet, canary seed, finch millet and generous portions of their top favorites: nyjer seed and sunflower chips. Ideal feeding of Wagner’s Finches Supreme is in a Finch feeder with small perches or a mesh sock feeder which discourage feeding by larger birds. Fill your feeder with Wagner’s Finches supreme and enjoy the antics of these beautiful and sociable birds in your backyard. Trust your backyard birds to the experts at Wagner’s.

List Price: $ 8.48