Superb Collapsable Camping Survival Shovel Great Regarding Backpacking Or Farming

KP Solution Chico Group Folding Camping Survival Shovel, Entrenching Multi Tool, for Backpacking, Gardening (Black)

KP Solution Chico Group Folding Camping Survival Shovel, Entrenching Multi Tool, for Backpacking, Gardening (Black)

  • VERSATILE, PORTABLE UTILITY: Take this folding shovel tool camping, hiking, in your car. Keep it handy at a backyard party and amuse guests using the bottle opener in the spade blade.
  • LIGHT AND COMPACT: No need to haul a belt or bucket of tools. You’ve got what you need for the beach or a few hours gardening, hanging at your waist.
  • GARDENING OR EMERGENCIES: This tactical grade multitool is a spade, pick saw, car glass hammer, fire starter and folds into a hoe. All in a small carrying pouch.
  • PRUNE SMALL BRANCHES: Swap out the spade for a saw – the multi-piece handle lets you use either one. At just over a pound there’s no excuse not to take it camping.
  • USE IN SNOW OR SUN: This multitool will be useful any time of year, whether to shovel snow off your steps, hoe your garden, or sawing kindling.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic gardener, or it’s just an occasional chore, this mini folding combination shovel, saw, hoe and pick is one of the handiest tools you’ll find in a long while. There’s no need to collect a bucketful of tools when you have a multi-tool with as many uses as the Chico Group mini shovel.

Mini, mighty shovel and hoe.

And saw, and pickaxe, and emergency exit hammer…Whether you’re an enthusiastic camper, gardener or just need a handy, multiuse tool in your car and gardening shed, this little tool earns its keep

Keep a bottled beverage handy, you’ll be able to pop it open with the built-in bottle opener. The compass just might come in handy while hiking.

In addition to folding, the handle assembles and disassembles with a quick twist and lock, to pack down so compactly you can practically put it in your pocket. And if that weren’t enough, it comes in a handy carry bag!

This versatile tool features

    • Pointed, narrow shovel blade digs out neat, deep holes


    • Pick for digging out stubborn roots


    • Serrated saw edge on shovel blade, plus a separate saw blade


    • Fire starter stick and scraper


    • Emergency glass breaking tip


    • Four-piece twist-and- lock disassembling handle


    • Textured firm-grip handle with compass embedded in the end


    • Bottle opener as part of the shovel blade


  • Carrying bag with a belt/backpack loop for keeping it handy all day.

List Price: $ 27.85


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