Pulsar Pressure Washers PGPW3100H-AT Gasoline

Pulsar Pressure Washers PGPW3100H-AT Gasoline

Pressure Washers by Pulsar. Pulsar Pressure Washers Features – Tackle any cleaning task with a top-notch Pulsar Pressure Washer. Multiple psi options to suit your pressure washer needs. Choose from a variety of electric or gas-powered options. Multi-position wand allows you to go from pinpoint to wide spray patterns. Metal garden hose connection stronger than plastic competitor connects. Pulsar Pressure Washers – Electric & Gas – Up to 3100 PSI. For the top selection of Pulsar Tools & Tool Storage shop online today. The Pulsar Pressure Washers – Electric & Gas – Up to 3100 PSI will improve and personalize your vehicle. Pressure Washers by Pulsar – selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. Pulsar Pressure Washers for your vehicle will deliver the results you are looking for! Pulsar Pressure Washers – Tools & Tool Storage – Pressure Washers.
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Price: 479.99

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