Lyric Nyjer Seed – 10 lb. bag Reviews

Lyric Nyjer Seed – 10 lb. bag

Lyric Nyjer Seed - 10 lb. bag

  • Finch favorite
  • Attracts all types of finches, including American Goldfinches, purple finches, Hourse Finches and Pine Siskins
  • Carefully selected and cleaned.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Not for human consumption

Nyjer is a popular winter bird food as it’s higher in calorie content. Birds need food high in oil with more calories to help them store fat to survive the cold weather. Nyjer is a type of oilseed. When sterilized during processing, it will not sprout if spilled which also makes it very popular with birders.


List Price: $ 26.38