Later M Wood Bird House 9.5″ by 2019 Antique Classics Handicrafts Birdhouse Garden Decoration

Later M Wood Bird House 9.5″ by 2019 Antique Classics Handicrafts Birdhouse Garden Decoration

Later M Wood Bird House 9.5

  • 🍂DIRTY BIRD HOUSE? – Always challenging the past, this retro bird house has done it, made people think that he is a very old bird house, from the time of Grandpa- Ancient bird house
  • 🍂HIDDEN IN NATURE – Trying to make a bird house that is closest to nature until his appearance, the REAL home of the bird, crafts from nature
  • 🍂RASPBERRY AND NAVEL – Rattan-connected blue and brown raspberries with soft navel, original solid wood, Guide your garden to restore true calmness and nature
  • 🍂CRAFT AND SPECIFIC – Pay attention to the material quality of the Bird House, complete the assembling process, coloring process, check every detail, the Bird House is fully integrated into your garden
  • 🍂NATURAL & GENTLE – The decoration of the rattan mimics nature and prevents birds from being scared. SIZE: 9.5″ × 4.5″ × 8″ In (Easy to clean) `(*∩_∩*)′Order Now !

  Later M Bird Houses
-The Handcraft Home & Garden Decoration

  From Later M, the Excellent Festival Supplies Manufacturer
-Selecting Environment-Friendly Water-Based Pigments, SAFE and ODORLESS, No Pollution to environment and no lead,
  Strong Corrosion Resistance and Sun-Proof, color can last for a long time
-Guarantee the level of Craftsmanship, Manufacturing details, Treat each product Seriously, HIGH degree Synthesis
  and superb coloring
-WILL NOT be Destroy in the winter + bird houses built in Weight of Solid wood
-Good workmanship Build the bird houses a Smooth Surface, Preventing small glitches on wood to hurts birds.

  Special Garden decoration and handicrafts
-Roof is woven from raw hemp, with fine workmanship and high quality.
-Decorated with wilted vines and blue and brown raspberry, Summer was passing, Autumn has arrived, close to the laws
  of Nature and Seasons
-Natural design birdhouse made of original wood, great originality and craft

  Prefect by Outdoor Environment
-Herring Prevention of rainwater flow by Herringbone Roof, Beautiful, Simple and Generous.
-Ornamented with Pine Needles, Pine Nuts, Snowflakes and Vines, place it in the snow, avoids the predators to find
  the birdhouse, the design style of our birdhouse is Combined with the outdoor environment


List Price: $ 36.99


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