Birds of a Feather: A Real Experience of Hopefulness and the Recovery Power of Animals

Doves as well as a number of kinds of sparrows delight in millet offered in a home or system feeder.

Birds of a Feather: A True Story of Hope and the Healing Power of Animals

Birds of a Feather: A True Story of Hope and the Healing Power of Animals

“This true story will twist your heart like a sponge and renew your faith in the world.” ―Lee Woodruff, co-author with Bob Woodruff of the New York Times bestseller In an Instant

“A heartwarming book.” ―Vicki Myron, author of New York Times #1 Bestseller Dewey

“Reminds us of the extraordinary ways caring people are helping the men and women who have served our country…and animals along with them.” ―Maxine Waters

“I defy anyone to read it without shedding tears.” ―Rosemary Low, author of The Complete Book of Parrots

“It left me smiling, full of hope, and wishing there were more Lorin Linders out there.” ―Mary Gauthier

Animal lover though she was, Lorin Lindner was definitely not looking for a pet. Then came Sammy – a mischievous and extremely loud bright pink Moluccan cockatoo who had been abandoned. It was love at first sight. But Sammy needed a companion. Enter Mango, lover of humans (“Hewwo”), inveterate thief of precious objects. Realizing that there were many parrots in need of new homes, Dr. Lindner eventually founded a sanctuary for them.

Meanwhile, she began to meet homeless veterans on the streets of Los Angeles. Before long she was a full time advocate for these former service members, who were often suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ultimately, Dr. Lindner created a program for them, too.

Eventually the two parts of her life came together when she founded Serenity Park, a unique sanctuary on the grounds of the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration Healthcare Center. She had noticed that the veterans she treated as a clinical psychologist and the parrots she had taken in as a rescuer quickly formed bonds. Men and women who had been silent in therapy would share their stories and their feelings more easily with animals.

Birds of a Feather is ultimately a love story between veterans and the birds they nurse back to health and between Dr. Lindner and her husband, a veteran with PTSD, who healed at Serenity Park. Full of remarkable people and colorful birds, this book reminds us that we all have the power to make a difference.

Healing Power Of Birds

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